Sunday, November 16, 2008

Well THAT can't be good

I saw the most hilarious Windows error message on Failblog the other day:

fail owned pwned pictures

Three cheers for Windows Vista!

I was also looking at a flyer for computer/electronics site today, and glanced at the current pricing for Windows Vista. Between the ridiculous pricing and the error message above, it got me wondering why more people aren't migrating to other operating systems yet.

10 or 12 years ago, Windows was definitely the way to go. With Windows 95, Microsoft built on (read: "completely plagiarized") the fantastic work done with Apple's Ma cOS and found a way to market it to the masses. Compared to Macs, PCs were relatively inexpensive, and now that they had a graphical interface they were simple enough for non-geeks to use every day. Windows 95 was still much buggier than Mac OS 8, but it had mass appeal due to price, availability of software and the ability to run legacy DOS programs.

How things have changed. MS's most recent OS, Windows Vista, has been a relative flop. Prone to odd quirks and outright crashes... difficult to use (for the average Joe and the IT Pro alike)... too expensive and actually confusing to buy due to the number of different versions... and of course Apples genius "I'm a Mac" marketing campaign... Windows Vista never stood a chance.

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