Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Speaking of dumb...

I put an item up for sale on eBay last week... a Bamboo MTE450 drawing pad. I bought it for a good price in Chicago last July, and was going to give it to Aaron for his birthday. I ended up picking up a different model for him though, and since I couldn't return the one I originally bought I thought I'd sell it.

You can get this drawing tablet for $80 from FutureShop or any other electronics retail store. My tablet hasn't been used, but I did open the box, and all I really wanted was to get back most of what I paid for it. I figured I'd set up my auction with a Reserve price of $50 and a Buy It Now price of $65. For anyone that hasn't used eBay, that means that at any time, an interested party could end the auction and purchase it outright for $65.

Well, my auction ended yesterday, and the winning bid.... $76! Why anyone would bid more than the Buy It Now price, I have no idea. With the $13 he paid for shipping, his grand total is $10 more than he could have bought it for from FutureShop.

I am perfectly happy to take his money though, and I do hope he enjoys his drawing pad!

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