Thursday, January 31, 2013

Well, Look Who Can Buy Me A Beer

Why, it’s Jann Arden’s breakout album “Living Under June”! just released their list of 10 Canadian albums that turned 18 this year, and “Living Under June” is in there along with other blasts from my formative years like OLP’s “Naveed” and BNL’s “Maybe You Should Drive”.

It’s funny how in, say, 1987, the songs from 1969 would be playing on the Oldies radio station.  How weird would it be talk about Naveed as being an ‘oldie’???

Incidentally, Living Under June is still one of my favorite albums.


  1. Haha in 1987 I was 8. Still not old enough for a beer (according to "the law" anyway. Pfff.)