Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Dumb Are People?

I've gotten IMs from at least five of my MSN chat buddies today, with a link to If you're dumb enough give your username and password to any random site on teh intertubes, they you deserve to have your account hijacked.

Tell ya what, anyone who replies to this post with their credit card information will be signed up for a fantastic club! It'll be so much fun, you better join!!


  1. OK, so I got curious as to what all the dumbasses got to see after entering their MSN passwords. I created a fake MSN account and signed in to the site... which gave me the opportunity to do an IQ Quiz. At the end of the quiz, I could enter my cell phone number to get the results!! Woo!


  2. actually u can just put in any random address and pass, it still let u in

  3. Huh, I actually did try that first and got an "incorrect user name and password" message. Interesting that it worked for you then... I wonder if they just throw up the error message at random times so people actually try again with their own pw....