Sunday, February 8, 2009

An experiment in hair

My boyfriend is in the bathroom cutting his own hair. He's no Crawford Mackenzie, but so far it looks like it's turning out OK. Oh, I'm being called in to clean up the back a little, be right back.


Not bad at all! I think it's just a little short around the sides, but he says he likes it that way. He's got bigger cojones than I do, there's no way I'd cut my own hair. That's $30 I spend for peace of mind. Also I like being tipped back into those big hair-washing sinks and having my scalp massaged. :oP

After a shower, he's decided that it "looks almost exactly the same as my last haircut, only I didn't pay 25, no 30 dollars for it, and my neck didn't get raped."

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