Sunday, December 7, 2008

So much to blog about tonight

Pitter patter, let's get at 'er:
  • Canada's douchy Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, shut down our government on Monday by asking the Governor General to prorogue Parliament until the end of January. Near as I can tell, that makes him a proroguer, and all of us proroguees. I'll have mine with sour cream and bacon bits please.

  • I've been seeing ads for the Snuggie lately. The first time I saw this commercial was last week, and it completely cracked me up! Don't you just hate it when you're trapped under a blanket and can't get out?!! Something about the way that woman flails about trying to answer the phone is hilAReous!

  • My poor boyfriend is sick as a dog. I was feeling headachy and snottery most of Friday too, but whatever I had, Aaron has got it 10x worse. I went up to Edmonton as usual on Friday night, and since he was in no condition to go out we spent three quarters of the weekend chilling out watching movies. We did manage to go out and do a bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday afternoon... I think it took a lot out of my fella, but I'm glad he got out of the house for a little bit anyway. Anna came over on Saturday night to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall with us... damn, what an insanely random and awesome movie! If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. I also recommend that you B your L on some Ts.

  • Why is it that otherwise intelligent people start driving like retarded monkeys after the first snowfall of the year? I left Edmonton earlier than usual tonight because we've had some freezing rain and snow this weekend, and I didn't want to drive after the sun went down and it got really cold. So, I left the city around 3:30, and the highway was completely dry. DRY. And yet, the whole way home, there were people driving 80 or 90 km/hr. The posted speed limit on that highway is 110; I normally drive 115-120, and most of the time there are people blowing by me like I'm standing still. Tonight, not so much. I can understand being cautious, but seriously, the highway was in perfect driving condition for 90% of the way home. It started to get a little slippery around the time that I was going past Lacombe, when the sun really disappeared. And of course, I adjusted my speed to something more cautious then too... I've driven enough in my life to know that you should adjust your driving to the conditions. I firmly believe that it's just as dangerous to drive too slowly as it is to drive too fast.

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